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Buying or selling a property is an exciting experience, but one that can also be quite stressful. There are numerous details to handle from contract to closing that can become overwhelming without steady legal guidance. When it comes to Illinois real estate closings, M&A Law Firm has a well-earned reputation for providing our clients with exceptional representation in both commercial and residential matters.

Our legal team can help you navigate all phases of a real estate transaction, from negotiating the purchase and sale contract to arranging for a property inspection and title search, to representing you at the real estate closing. Because home sales are a significant financial undertaking for most individuals, working with our experienced real estate attorneys is essential.

The Real Estate Settlement Process

A real estate closing is known as a "settlement" because it is the final performance of all the agreements between the buyer, the seller, and the lender for the purchase and financing of a home. In an Illinois real estate transaction, the time to consult with M&A Law Firm is long before the closing has been scheduled.

Our attorneys start by reviewing the contract of sale to make sure that our clients’ interests are protected. Although real estate agents often provide form contracts with so-called “boilerplate language,” there are numerous issues to consider beyond the purchase price. Is the deal contingent on the buyer obtaining a loan or a property inspection? Will the seller be required to make repairs or improvements to the dwelling? What happens to the buyer’s deposit if either party decides to back out of the deal?

It is worth noting that buyers must often meet certain deadlines for matters such as having a home inspection performed or starting the mortgage application process. If there are going to be delays, it may be necessary to extend the deadlines. Similarly, any issues arising from the inspection must be negotiated and resolved. At times, the seller may agree to make needed repairs, or in the alternative, lower the asking price. In any event, it takes a skilled attorney to work around these and other issues that may arise.

After the inspection and contract issues have been resolved, it is necessary to arrange for a title search. Any defects on the title could prevent the closing from going through. We may discover that another party has an ownership interest in the property, for example, or that the seller does not have the right to sell the property at all. More often, however, there is an existing lien on the property. Whether our client is the buyer or the seller, we work with them to clear the title so that the sale can proceed.

What happens at the real estate closing?

After the issues regarding the contract, inspection, financing, and title have been resolved, a closing will take place which involves the simultaneous exchange of documents and funds required to close the sale.

Generally, the lender delivers a package of documents to the title company, including the note, the mortgage, and numerous disclosures and agreements. The seller also brings additional documents to the closing, including the deed


We represent both buyers and sellers, reviewing all the necessary documents, pointing out important terms, verifying the payment information, and resolving any last minute issues that may arise at the table. Finally, there may also be final post-closing issues to resolve, such as late liens that were recorded on the property or reimbursements for property taxes if the exact amounts due were unknown at the closing.

Real Estate Settlement Services

At M&A Law Firm, our legal team is dedicated to guiding our clients through every step of the real estate settlement process. We routinely review or prepare all the related legal and closing documents, arrange for title inspections and surveys, represent our clients at closing, and arrange for deeds to be recorded. Above all, we always put our clients’ best interests first and work to make sure that real estate closings proceed smoothly and expeditiously. Call our office today or complete the online contact form to set up a consultation.

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