I’m very glad I engaged Ahmed…

Engaged M&A Law Firm based on a referral from another law firm. I needed a special release and indemnification from liability in a real estate matter. Ahmed is a litigator, but he has case law expertise in the area I needed help. It was a small job, but if my counterparties had come back later, it could have been very costly. I had talked to a few other firms (who had not been referred) about this matter, and all they could give me was “Oh, well you should do this.” When I answered, “That is a moot point, because this already happened, I need a solution from you”, the other firms would inevitably start go back to their initial “you should have done this.” When I talked with Ahmed, he immediately summarized the problem and offered a workable solution that was client-friendly. M&A is expensive, but I’m very glad I engaged Ahmed to paper this correctly!

— Michael Madden
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