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In the current economic client, millions of American homes are underwater. We show compassion to our clients while helping them stay in their homes through reorganizations, loan restructuring, mediation and litigation. Although each client’s case is different, and clients often have varying goals, we explore all options to meet your goals. 

Our teams of Attorneys have represented the Nation’s largest lenders in Foreclosures. We have a keen understanding of Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Law. When retained, our Attorneys go to work by reviewing the terms of your mortgage and note to ensure that your Lender has followed the law and terms of your mortgage and note prior to filing a foreclosure.

Often times, a loan (“Note”) is sold several times by and between lenders between the times a homeowner signed the Mortgage and Note and the time that the Foreclosure Action is filed. Prior to filing a Foreclosure, the Plaintiff must be the current holder of the Note that establishes the loan. Therefore, we examine the title of the property and Note to ensure that the Plaintiff filing the Foreclosure actually has standing to bring suit. Often times, our Attorneys are able to find defects in the transfer of the “Note” and raise affirmative defenses based on standing to defeat a foreclosure action.

Prior to filing a Foreclosure in Illinois, Lenders are also required to send out certain notices. Our Attorneys thoroughly examine each case to ensure that the Lender has met all these requirements. In cases, we are able to halt the Foreclosure proceedings where these requirements were not met.

As part of our free consultation, our experienced Attorneys can explore the following options that may be available to you: