Our firm understands that in most cases, Civil Litigation takes place when all other options have failed. In many cases, this can be a disruptive and lengthy process. Therefore, we utilize a number of alternative dispute resolution options to resolve our client’s cases to a satisfactory outcome.

Our firm approaches each case recognizing its potential to ultimately end up in a contested trial. When we do go to trial, we plan for success by careful and thorough preparation through all phases of the case’s lifecycle. Although no two cases are identical, this usually involves aggressive discovery, which includes an exchange of documents related to the case, conducting depositions of key witnesses, etc. Throughout this process we continuously reevaluate our client’s case and convey developments with the client. We always keep the lines of communication open with opposing counsel in an effort to settle the case with a satisfactory resolution for our clients. Call us at 847-786-8999 for a free Consultation.