I found M&A Law Firm on google. Reason I was shopping for another law firm is my prior attorney kept pushing me towards a settlement which I really didn’t think was in my best interest. I started to wonder if the reason he was pushing me in that direction was because he was not up to the task of a trial. I called this firm and we went over my case. They asked me to send them records and a copy of my file with the prior law firm. What I wasn’t able to provide them, they pulled from the court. After reviewing my file, they agreed that this case was worth much more than the prior attorney had suggested I accept.

I’m glad I hired them. If I’m being honest, they got me a better result than I expected.

That being said, they aren’t the cheapest firm I came across but I guess you have to pay for quality representation. Also, in the end, I feel like I received a return on my investment in terms of the fees I paid.

— Amber McKay
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