…what I can only describe as surgical precision.

I reached out to Ahmed for assistance with a business dispute I was involved in with a previous partner. Right from the start, he was fantastic. Ahmed explained that based on our partnership agreement’s terms, we had to begin with mediation, followed by arbitration, before we could proceed to litigation. Considering the expenses associated with these processes, he recommended that it was most economically sensible to pursue settlement negotiations. Throughout the negotiation process, Ahmed’s approach to drafting demand letters was meticulous. Initially, the response we got was significantly lower than what we hoped for, which was quite discouraging. However, Ahmed didn’t let this setback deter him. He pushed back firmly, highlighting flaws in the opposing side’s stance. In the end, their team recognized the strength of our position and put forth an offer that aligned with both Ahmed’s and my expectations. We managed to settle the dispute, a success I attribute largely to Ahmed’s adept handling of the situation with what I can only describe as surgical precision.

— AF
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