Ahmed Motiwala is an attorney and the founder of M&A Law Firm, P.C. What began with Ahmed working with a few loyal clients out of his dining room, has since flourished into a premiere law firm with attorneys practicing Real Estate Law, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning, Business Law and Immigration Law.

Ahmed earned his Bachelor’s Degree from DeVry University. Although Ahmed was by no means the most naturally “gifted” student in any class, he was always the hardest working and had the most “hustle.” Ahmed attended a four year university while also maintaining a full time job. Ahmed then went on to receive his Juris Doctorate from The John Marshall Law School.

Upon entering private practice, Ahmed brought the same dedication, work ethic and “hustle” to representing his clients that had always fueled his drive. Ahmed’s philosophy is simple: find a client with a cause you can believe in, and then give it everything you got to help that client achieve his or her goals.

Prior to starting M&A Law Firm, Ahmed worked for a large law firm that mainly represented National Lending Institutions. There, each client was a faceless institution that represented a way to meet the firm’s billable hour requirement. After his stint in large law firm life, it was apparent that this wasn’t a cause that Ahmed could get behind. After some soul searching, Ahmed decided to take a leap of faith and M&A Law Firm was born.

Today, Ahmed is proud to be on a first name basis with hundreds of clients. Since its inception M&A Law Firm has helped hundreds of clients structure businesses and achieve success. Whether the client is a small “mom and pop” shop opening up its first business or a large group of investors structuring a multi-million dollar business, Ahmed always puts the best interest of his clients first.